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 Nitsuko (NEC) 
To view an image of the overlay and additional product details, please click on the model you wish to see before clicking Add to Cart.
    Name Product Id Price Quantity
    Tie/Onyx 30B
    100 Overlays Per Package
    8180   $26.00  
    DS-1000/2000 22 btn. Standard & Display
    60 Overlays Per Package
    8185   $26.00  
    DS-1000/2000 34 btn. Display & Super Display
    60 Overlays Per Package
    8186   $26.00  
    DS-1000/2000 24 btn. DSS
    25 Overlays Per Package
    8187   $22.00  

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    The FAST and EASY way to label your phone systems